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1) Shopping cart system
2) Install and set up shopping cart system
3) Design Template      *You can choose from five design templates.
4) Adding your products (maximum 10 products)
5) Six months Server Hosting Fee

Hurry! Good News!
If you order before November 30th 2009, you can get additional free server hosting fee for six months and free support for three months!

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You can choose the following design templates;
Bubble(Blue)  - Large Image -
Heart (Pink)
Heart (Pink)  - Large Image -
Leaf(Green)  - Large Image -
Moon(Yellow)  - Large Image -
ウェイブ (青)
Wave(Blue)   - Large Image -

|| Our Online Shop site feature

1. You can start online shop easily! If you have your products such as your original goods, photos, information, you can start online shop.

2. Manage online site by yourself! You can manage site such as posting new products, news, reducing prices, and more. It is like a blog.

3. Servers and install have already included. Basic Shopping Site Package has already included servers and installing system, so you don't have to worry if you don't have any technical knowledge. You can also save time.

|| Online Shop's Great functions

1. Multi language
English-Japanese languages are in one system. You can add new products with both languages.

2. "Tell your friends", "write a review" function
You can expand your customers through your customers.

3. "Customers who bought this product also purchased" function
This will increase customers shopping motivation.

4. Send News Release
You can send your customers about your new products and the latest news.

5.Keep repeater with registering customers account
Repeaters (customers) do not have to put her/his address. Customers can also registers more than one address.

Q: How do your customer pay?
You can choose offline credit, online credit cart payment gateway (, Paypal, etc.

Q: How does shipping cost works?
You can customize based on shipping company or other options you want to use.
Here are some options you have. Flat rate, USPS, store pickup, etc.

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