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Empowering your site with a Search Engine Optimization is a gold key for an active web site. Wouldn't it be nice to type in key phrases in the search engines and see your site rank in the Top 20 out of 20,000 hits? Are you making the most out of just building a web site? Just building and waiting for someone to access your site is a boring inactive web site. Maintaining the consistency and optimizing the web content are techniques which CuteWeb Inc. web-professionals take into their web designing skills.

We respect the value of Search Engine Optimization. CuteWeb Inc. has knowledgeable and experienced web professionals who uncover the most effective keywords and keyword phrase queries for your business, and uniquely approach search engine optimization from a consultative perspective. We are able to analyze and strategically determine exactly which tactics will yield the best results for your business.

We optimize your actual web site! We do not use hidden, spam leading tactics, or pyramid linking schemes to optimize your site. We value a positive and clean web design.

You can see some of our SEO work in action below:

researched on Nov 27, 2009
Oahu Visitors Bureau (japanese)
Keywords: ハワイ
(hawaii; JP text only)
Google Japan #8 out of 8.550.000
Yahoo! Japan #4 out of 152,000,000

Bishop Museum (japanese)
Keywords: ハワイ 博物館
(hawaii; JP text only)
Google Japan #3 out of 4,180.000
Yahoo! Japan #1 out of 5,220,000

Honolulu Festival (japanese)
Keywords: ホノルル イベント
(hawaii; JP text only)
Google Japan #3 out of 2,570,000
Yahoo! Japan #1 out of 4,750,000

Odorikohawaii (japanese)
Keywords: ハワイ日本食
(hawaii; JP text only)
Google Japan #1 out of 1,760.00
Yahoo! Japan #2 out of 1,100,000

JTBhawaii blog (japanese)
Keywords: ハワイ ブログ
(hawaii; JP text only)
Google Japan #4 out of 9,770.000
Yahoo! Japan #7 out of 90,400,000
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